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June Meetup at The Flying Saucer

  • Saturday, June 18th, 2016 at 6:30pm - 11:30pm
    Location: The Flying Saucer Austin

    RSVP! the address is 815 W 47th St Austin TX 78751

    • 16 people attended

April Meetup!

Posted by Scrapped, Friday, March 11th, 2016 @ 11:08pm

  • Our meetups for November and December were epic!

    However, as an organizer I have been dropping the ball recently!  Shout out to TroubleMagnet for planning the February meetup!  March was the first month we have missed a meetup in over a year!

    Up for vote are the April dates:  see the poll to the right!

    Or, select this LINK!

Febuary meetup at the Flying Saucer

  • Saturday, February 20th, 2016 at 3pm - 6pm
    Location: Flying Saucer

    We drink beer and talk about Star Citizen, space, video games, and stuff.

December 19th meetup!

  • Saturday, December 19th, 2015 at 3pm - 7pm
    Location: The Flying Saucer

    All are welcome!

    • 8 people attended

Austin Bar Citizen - December 19th meetup!

Posted by Scrapped, Monday, December 14th, 2015 @ 4:16am

  • December 19th at 1500 hrs at The Flying Saucer!

Nov 22nd! Location update!

  • Sunday, November 22nd, 2015 at 7pm - 11pm
    Location: The Flying Saucer

    Location update:

    The Flying Saucer


    Chris Roberts and…

    • 62 people attended

Bar Citizen Meetup!

  • Friday, October 23rd, 2015 at 9pm - 11:30pm
    Location: The Iron Cactus

    Austin Bar Citizen hangout!

Nov 22nd! Location Update! Chris Roberts and Sandi Gardiner will be visiting!

Posted by Scrapped, Monday, October 26th, 2015 @ 5:14pm

  • Location update:

    The Flying Saucer


    Chris Roberts and Sandi Gardiner as well as other CIG staff (TBD) will be attending another Austin Bar Citizen hangout!

    PLEASE RSVP!  I need to know how many will be coming so an appropriate venue can be selected!  Location to be determined about 4 days prior after we have an idea on the number of attendees! I NEED these numbers to pick a venue.  

    Thank you and best wishes in the Verse!
    Shane / Scrapped

November Bar Citizen visit! - VENUE CHANGE!

  • Sunday, November 8th, 2015 at 7pm - 11:30pm
    Location: NXNW Restaurant & Brewery


    Google Maps…

    • 32 people attended

August 14th meetup!

Posted by Scrapped, Friday, August 21st, 2015 @ 12:22am

  • On August 14th four Bar Citizens made it to Iron Cactus for a social.  We had hoped for a better showing/more members.  But, we were resolved to enjoy discussing Star Citizen and whatever else came up!

    To our surprise we got flooded with some SC devs!  Seems one of our members used to work for SC and informed those in the office that we were meeting.

    We were joined by the following developers:
    Devops:                       Marketing:
    Jeffrey Parker                Ryan Archer
    Ahmed Shaker              AI (From the Germany Office!)
    Keegan Standifer          Francesco Roccussi
    Miles Lee
    Production - ATX Engineering
    Mark Hong
    Director of PU
    Tony Zurovez

    YEP! EIGHT of the Star Citizen devs showed up to hobnob with the Austin Bar Citizens.  

    A shout out to Francesco as he was very animated and fun to talk to with some good stories about the AI development and issues!

    Tony was his normal self: At some times quiet and lost in his own world and at other times so intensely involved in getting out what he needed to say that it seemed he wasn't taking a breath.  Very informative.

    I think it is safe to say the Austin Bar Citizen's present enjoyed visiting with all of the SC developers who showed up...  Except for this guy 
    who couldn't stop working!  The whole time he was visiting he was on the laptop working away!

    And, here are the four Austin Bar Citizens with Francesco (in the green shirt) from the Germany office!

    I had a great time.

    Next meetup is tonight!  A different group of Austin Bar Citizens will be at Iron Cactus at 1900.  

    Hope ya'll have fun!


April Social

  • Saturday, April 25th, 2015 at 3pm
    Location: The Flying Saucer

    The Flying Saucer website


    Flying Saucer Draught…
    • 1 person attended

Chris Roberts at Austin Bar Citizen meetup!

Posted by Scrapped, Saturday, March 14th, 2015 @ 3:55am

  • So, if you were in town for SXSW and after the CIG Presentation you met up with the Austin Bar Citizen crew...

    Then you got to meet Chris Roberts!  He walked over to our location, had drink or two, and spent over an hour talking about Star Citizen with over 30 Star Citizens who asked questions ranging from his previous home in the Austin area to the new PTU release and weapons systems.

    I, as usual, had a blast!  Got a picture? Can we prove it?  Well, yes we can!

    Obligatory Link!

    I can't speak for everyone else - but, I had a great time!  There were more people who were present than in this picture (who had to leave early).

    I think I can speak for the Austin Bar Citizens by expressing appreciation for all the persons who came in to hang out from out of town...  From Nacadoches to some place whose name I can't remember - but, it is 11 miles from the Mexico border - to Houston, and DFW...  Oh, one migratory person (moving) who goes by years1hundred and some guy named Chris Roberts from Santa Monica, Ca (formerly from Spicewood Springs!).

    Thanks for showing up and the good conversation!

    Shane / Scrapped

March Social / Post CIG Presentation meetup

  • Friday, March 13th, 2015 at 8pm - 1am Saturday, March 14th
    Location: Aussie's Beach Grill and Bar

    Welcome, all Star Citizens! (plus 19 guests as of Feb 28th)

    The CIG presentation is…

    • 19 people attended

February Social

  • Friday, February 20th, 2015 at 7pm - 11:30pm
    Location: Zingers Bar and Grill, Bee Cave, Texas

    About 10-12 members showed up! It was a great time!

    • 5 people attended

Foundry 42 Livestream

  • Friday, June 26th, 2015 (all day)
    Location: Manchester, UK

    Time TBA

SXSW Gaming Closing Party

  • Sunday, March 15th, 2015 at 7pm - 10pm
    Location: Palmer Events Center West Canopy, Austin

    Sunday evening from 7-10PM - must have tickets from the CIG website.

    • 6 people attended

Star Citizen event - PAX East

  • Saturday, March 7th, 2015 (all day)
    Location: Boston, MA

    Should be livestreamed or recorded.  Will add details when discovered.

Chris Roberts press event at GDC in San Francisco, CA

  • Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015 at TBD
    Location: San Francisco, CA

Chris Roberts presenting at DICE in Las Vegas, NV

  • Thursday, February 5th, 2015 at TBD

    Unknown if this will be livestreamed/recorded at this time.  Check Reddit/RSI forums for more…

Texas Bar Citizens

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